Waste Management In Surrey

Waste management is a task that requires a lot of work put into it. Basically, this is the handling of waste from the inception all the way to its disposal.

This means that waste management encompasses the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of the waste. The main purposes of waste management can all be simplified into three simple reasons.

First, the accumulation of waste is harmful to the health of the people around it. Secondly, it poses a clear and present danger to the environment.


And thirdly, it is an eyesore; it makes your compound look like a dumpsite, not to mention the horrible stench that emanates. Waste management in Surrey has been simplified to suit the residents and is done as follows;

  • The residents are provided with automated cart systems for getting rid of trash in a systematic manner. These carts separate the organic waste from the recyclable and the garbage.
  • A specific time has been set for collection (7.30am).and the schedule for the collection varies on a weekly basis in terms of the type of waste to be collected
  • Reusing and recycling are encouraged in Surrey and a website has been put up to provide a platform where the residents can sell things they no longer require instead of throwing them away.
  • An organic biofuel facility is in the works as the city of Surrey seeks to create an alternative source of power that is sustainable economically and friendly to the environment.
  • In a bid to reduce the quantity of waste in the landfills, the disposal of clean wood is banned.
  • The residents of Surrey are constantly educated on waste handling and management in pursuance of the city’s plan of 70% waste diversion.



A brief introduction to the measures undertaken in Surrey has been mentioned above, although there are many more. We all have a responsibility to help manage the waste around us at all times.

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